Valet Parking

You Never Have To Park Your Car Or Retrieve it. A Team of Valets Does It For You.

Consider the convenience. As a resident, you will never have to park your own car or retrieve it. You simply drive it to the entrance area for 1451 Wellington. There, a team of uniformed parking valets is waiting. You hand over your keys and proceed to the elevators to take you to your suite. When it’s time for you to get your car again, all you have to do is let the valet know you need your vehicle. It will be waiting for you as a valet hands you back the keys and opens your car door for you to get in.

The parking valet will also help unload your bags and carry them to your residence. Our parking service is designed for seamless efficiency and convenience. You will feel that you’re a valued resident guest at a 5-star hotel in which every hospitality service has been meticulously organized.