Sam Mizrahi


As the president and founder of Mizrahi Developments, Sam Mizrahi is proud to have led the development of 1451 Wellington, a revolutionary residence in the heart of Ottawa’s esteemed Westboro neighbourhood.

Sam Mizrahi founded Mizrahi Developments in 2008 with a specific purpose in mind: to craft condominium towers with the same sense of permanence and detailed craftsmanship as a standalone luxury residence. The company was founded as a design-build business specializing in custom-built luxury homes in some of Toronto’s most valued neighbourhoods, including Forest Hill and Lytton Park. When Sam correctly identified a need for condominium buildings constructed with the same integrity as these fine homes, Mizrahi Developments launched its condominium sector and began crafting towers with the same level of customization, quality and craftsmanship that he had become known for in the single-dwelling market.

A successful entrepreneur, Sam Mizrahi has built a career on his skill of identifying lucrative business opportunities and executing them with a game-changing vision. It all began at the young age of 16, when Sam established his first company, Unimax, which imported and sold batteries and blank audio and video cassette tapes to independent stores in Toronto and Montreal. After four years, Sam had built the company into one that commanded roughly $18 million in annual revenue. From there, he made incredible success in the sectors of luxury dry cleaning and real estate, eventually launching Mizrahi Design Build, an independent company that provides successful, turnkey solutions for a range of residential and mixed-use projects.

Sam is also a committed philanthropist, regularly committing his time, energy and resources within the community. He lives in Toronto and has travelled the world to bring global architectural design influences to his projects.